What do you need to use DIY Tracking tracking products?

One of the questions that we frequently get asked is "What do I need to be able to use personal or vehicle tracking?" You'll probably find that you already have most of the required hardware and services that you need for setting up a GPS tracking system. However, here is a list of the essential requirements for using DIY Tracking products.

  • Internet Access and an email account - Most people already have these. You'll need them to be able to connect with our server - that's the computer that actually runs the personal tracking program. It also communicates with you either by email or by sms.
  • Cell phone coverage - you'll need to have cell phone coverage or our gps tracking computer won't be able to send you an sms.
  • A GPS signal - the places on Earth where you cannot pick up a GPS tracker signal are few and far between
  • A GPS tracking device - We have a number of GPS tracking devices to choose from. Between them they are suitable for vehicle tracking, personal tracking for children, the elderly and even for pets. Your GPS tracking device does not have to be one that is supplied by us. However if it is not, we just need to check that it works with our system
  • A RICA registered SIM card - all of South Africa's SIM cards have to be registered with RICA (Regulation of Interception of Communication Act). The purpose of this law is to help law enforcement agencies keep track of cell phones being used for illegal activities.
  • An active and valid personal security account on our Internet server
  • The ability to download data on your cell phone - this can either be in the form of a data contract with a cell phone provider or by pay-as-you-go.