What can you do with a GPS tracker?

Vehicle Tracking Units

When using our vehicle tracker you can:

  • At any specific time track the present whereabouts of the vehicle
  • Set a maximum speed, so that you are notified whenever that speed is exceeded
  • Set a park alarm so that you are notified whenever the vehicle moves.
  • Check on a vehicle's routing in real time
  • Check if and when a vehicle moves outside a specific area or route
  • Set up a travel log for tax purposes

Personal Tracking Units

When placing a GPS tracking unit in your child's school bag, you can:

  • Keep track of school lift schemes
  • Check if children deviate from a standard route home
  • Receive an alarm call if your child strolls outside a geozone that you've set up around their school or day care centre.
  • Keep a watch on the elderly, especially those with Alzheimer's or Dementia
  • Track the whereabouts of people to whom you've issued cell phones
  • Attach it to a pet's collar so that you are notified if the pet strays
  • Attach it to or in valuables so that you can trace them if they are stolen - for example a bicycle, electronic or other equipment

Alarms are sent to your email address, and the message can be forwarded to your cell phone.