What are its Benefits and Limitations?


The greatest benefit to be found when regularly using a gps tracker is peace-of-mind. This is true for all of the tracking devices that we have available. Personal GPS trackers may be used to keep an eye on small children, teenagers, the elderly, valuable possessions and of your vehicles, whether personal or company transport. The running costs of such a system are low, and there are no long-term contracts involved. All units can be used in an emergency as a cell phone, and can store as many as three telephone numbers, depending on the specific unit. Our personal GPS trackers are extremely portable, and can be moved about from school satchel to laptop case, from one car to another, or from one person to another.


Trackers are being improved all of the time, as is the GPS system itself. Our personal and vehicle trackers are normally accurate to within 10 metres, but can be as accurate as one metre. The only limitations at present are that:

  • You must have GPS reception
  • You must have cell phone reception
  • Your GPS tracking device's battery must be charged