How does it work?

When you have an active personal tracking device or vehicle tracker, the device picks up its position from the Global Positioning System. GPS is a system of up to 32 satellites that circle the Earth in six orbital planes. The orbits are so arranged that any spot on the Earth's surface is always able to contact at least six satellites. The tracking unit picks up these signals and translates them into an extremely accurate position.

This position, along with a unique identification code, is transmitted by SMS to our web based server, which plots the position of the personal or vehicle tracker on a map. When you log into your account you can see the current position of the tracking unit, and you can also access its past history for up to three months back.

The system is very versatile, and it is possible for you to set it up so that an alarm is triggered if a particular GPS tracker is seen to go outside a specific area, or geozone. The unit can also be set up so as to SMS its position to particular approved cell number.

What are the costs?

The costs of setting up such a personal DIY tracking are not expensive, and consist of:

  • The cost of your present Internet connection
  • A monthly subscription fee
  • The cost of the GPS tracking device, whether personal or vehicular.
  • The cost of the data bundles that you use on your sim card