Monitoring cell phones and computers

It is not only the physical location that you need to keep track of.  There are a lot of things that could be happening behind your back which you are completely unaware of, that could be causing immense damage to your kids , business or even your relationships.

These are the type of things that could be going on in your kids life:
* They could be the victims of cyber bulling but are too afraid to say anything.
* They may be perpetrating cyber bulling which could land them in trouble
* They may be involved in drugs or other illicit activities
* They may form inappropriate" friendships" which could lead them down the wrong path.
* They may be spending too much time on electronic media and neglecting their school work, not getting enough sleep or just wasting their valuable time on inconsequential activities.

These are the type of things your employees could be getting up to:
* Wasting work time by engaging in private activities
* Playing the fool and focussing on social media instead of carrying out their tasks
* Sending sensitive information to your competitors or even working with your competitors
* Outright stealing from you.

Are you able to trust the people in your life or are there activities that make you suspicious like:
* Suddenly ending conversations when you enter a room
* Leaving the room when certain calls come in or receive frequent wrong numbers.
* Look embarrassed or guilty when you come in the room and they are on the phone or computer
* Quickly changing computer programs or logging off
* Finances don't quite tally up
* Competitors always seem to undercut you.
* Suspecting they are not where they say they are

It is nice to know that there are ways to find out what is going on. I am pleased to be able to offer you this ability, but remember it is the responsibility of the user to ascertain, and obey all applicable laws in their country in regard to the use of these products for 'sneaky purposes'.  I like three products and they are all very good, some have more features than others and obviously their prices differ. I hope I can give you some guidance in choosing a product that is right for you. I suggest you read through the article first and then go back and follow the links to the suppliers for more information.

I want to first introduce you to mSpy (dont worry, you can follow this link, it is safe) 
This is a web based program that allows you to see exactly what is going on behind your back. You download the program from mSpy onto your computer or desktop. Once the program is in place you can choose to hide it or not. mSpy provides you with a dashboard that you log into, and you are able to view various activities that the device is or has performed.  By following this link to their demo program you will see what they have to offer.

On a cell phone you will be able to:
Monitor and be able to view the content of WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Snapchat and Telegram. More other social media applications are added all the time.
Monitor all internet usage and block sites
View a log of all calls made and received in the sequence that they were made
Read all SMS text messages sent and received
View all emails sent and received
View all contacts
View all applications used and block applications that are unsuitable
View all photos and videos on the device
Track the location of the phone using the GPS
Lock or wipe the contents of the phone should it get stolen or lost

On a computer you will be able to see:
See all key strokes made on the computer
Receive screenshots of what is on the computer screen at set intervals
Track user activity on the computer
Track applications used and time spent on the various applications.
mSpy are still refining the email monitoring and report that this functionality has problems and only monitors Gmail accounts properly.
One important issue that must not be overlooked is the requirement to jailbreak an IPhone or root an Android device. Although this is not necessary to load and use the monitoring software, this has to be done in order to utilise some of the software features like hiding the program and reading instant messages like WhatsApp. This normally has to be done before the software is loaded on the device. The software vendor does detail how and when to do this.

Be careful when downloading these type of programs from the internet, you could be downloading malicious programs that could cause you more harm than good. The programs I am promoting are legitimate businesses with solid reputations and 24 hour back up service. You can pay for the service and rest assured that you will receive what you paid for. I believe that not everything can be left to chance and some monitoring of electronic communication is necessary, how far you go is a personal matter. That said, I will not put the reputation of my business at risk by promoting something that is not legitimate and does not provide what it claims. And yes, I do receive a commission for a sale made, which is only fair. Should you wish to talk about our products and those we promote, please contact us.