Frequently Asked Questions

DIY Tracking is as secure as you allow it to be. If you provide others with your user name and access code then your security and privacy will be compromised, the same as your bank account. If you keep it secret then you will be safe. The information is sent to you over a secure connection.

Only if you provide others with access to your account. The information sent to your computer is sent over a secure connection.

Our objective is to provide a reliable service to law abiding people. If there is any suspicion that this system is been used for illegal or otherwise dubious purposes, the account will be suspended and where necessary any assistance that may be required to bring criminal activity to book will be given.

The more often you acquire your GPS tracker position and send it to the server the more accurate your tracking will be but you will also end up by paying more for this accuracy. The data transmission is not that expensive, but if you do want to reduce costs then it would be best is to set the GPS tracking unit to report its position less often.

Take out a subscription for 12 months

The same action that applies to cost also applies to battery life. Set the unit to acquire its position less often and report less often.

The software is very simple to use and most of actions are intuitive. There is no major programming required and no programming language knowledge is required.

No, this is a tracking program, if you require directions then you need a navigation system.

You can communicate with the unit by SMS and have it communicate to you in the same way by using the standardised instructions. You can also download the stored locations to a map programme of your choice, but this is not very convenient and a lot of features are not available. The software simplifies your life no end and is integral to the service that we offer.

No we don't offer a recovery service and that is how we manage to keep our costs down.

  • The battery is flat
  • There is no GPS cover
  • There is no GSM (cell phone) signal
  • The GSM network is down

No, we will endeavour to ensure the highest up time on our system that is possible but we will not be held liable in any way if a tracking unit cannot be located for any reason. The same as you can't hold a cell phone company liable if their system is down and we rely on them.