Track your vehicle with the VT310 vehicle tracker

Weighing only 165 grams, the VT310 vehicle tracker is an extremely powerful little device. The device, which measures just 103mm by 84mm when installed, has a wide range of capabilities, and its 4Mb of internal memory is capable of storing as many as 180,000 waypoints. This is the perfect vehicle tracking device for tracking both family vehicles and fleet management. This is a GPS/GPRS based tracking unit designed for real time tracking and security. This vehicle tracking device is accurate to within 10 metres.

The VT310 vehicle tracking device has a number of programmable features, including:

  • An SOS Panic Button - when pressed the vehicle tracking unit goes into fine tuning mode and sends an emergency SMS to a preset number.
  • Speeding alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Door or boot open alarm
  • Geozone alarm
  • A motion sensor

Optional extras that come with the unit include

  • A cabin microphone
  • Remote controlled engine cut out switch
  • Fuel level sensor
  • Temperature sensor

This vehicle tracker needs to be installed by a professional.

Download the brochure for all the other features

Tracking Subscriptions

Image Subscription Type Price
Basic Subscription
Basic Subscription first year R0.00
Limited Fleet Management Subscription
Limited Fleet Management Subscription R300.00
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription R1,300.00
Cell phone tracking application licence key
Licence for tracking app for Nokia phones R520.00

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