Track kids with the MT88 personal tracker

Weighing in at only 40 grams, our 48mm by 38mm MT88 Personal Tracker is the smallest personal tracker available. This personal tracking device is powerful and is ideal for children, the elderly and for pets. Its recessed Braille coded SOS button also makes it the perfect GPS tracker for the blind. The personal tracking unit has two clips, which fold away out of sight when not in use, but which can be used for attaching the tracker to a belt, a dogs collar or to a wrist band. The small size of this personal tracking device also means that it can easily be concealed in valuable possessions or even used for vehicle tracking. The battery life of this GPS unit is up to eight hours.

The MT88 personal tracker has a number of features, including:

  • A recessed Braille-coded SOS button - when pressed the vehicle tracking unit goes into fine tuning mode and sends an emergency SMS to a preset number.
  • Speeding alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Geozone alarm
  • Remote Voice Monitoring
  • GPS blind area alarm
  • A motion sensor

Download the brochure for all the other features

Tracking Subscriptions

Image Subscription Type Price
Basic Subscription
Basic Subscription first year R0.00
Limited Fleet Management Subscription
Limited Fleet Management Subscription R300.00
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription R1,300.00
Cell phone tracking application licence key
Licence for tracking app for Nokia phones R520.00

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