Track almost anything with this versatile long battery life tracker

 The DIY4500 is an exceptional personal tracking device and it outshines any other personal tracking device on the market. It is very easy to use, you just have to install a SIM card and you ready to go. We will do all the basic setting up.

 This tracker has along battery life which, depending on how you set it up, allows you to use the tracker for up to two week without having to charge it.

 It is no bigger than a standard size smart phone at 210mm X 55mm X 12mm making it very portable. You can keep it in your bag, then hide it in a car, take it out and hide it in another car or in any other possession you want to keep track of.  This device can be used in many situations, but just not exposed to heavy rain or in water.


Typical uses of this tracker would be for:

Personal tracking

Vehicle tracking

Asset monitoring

Tracking Subscriptions

Image Subscription Type Price
Basic Subscription
Basic Subscription first year R0.00
Limited Fleet Management Subscription
Limited Fleet Management Subscription R300.00
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription R1,300.00
Cell phone tracking application licence key
Licence for tracking app for Nokia phones R520.00

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