Identify your assets with Datadots

DataDots can be likened to the microdots that one reads about in spy novels. They are microscopic dots which, when viewed under a microscope, carry a unique code that identifies their owner. DataDots are used to identify your valuable possessions and are applied to them with a fluorescent adhesive. Articles recovered by the police can be read and cross referenced with the database in order to confirm the rightful owner. DataDots come in kits of 300, 1000, 3000 and in a spray-on can of 10,000. The kits also come with stickers to advertise that your property is identified with DataDots.

These dots are extremely difficult to remove and criminals will avoid well marked articles. There are also changes in the legislation covering the sale of second hand goods in the pipeline to ensure that the original owner of the goods is known to the seller to prevent the sale of stolen property.

For further information please download the product brochure and you are also welcome to download the DataDots asset register

Typical applications

DataDots may typically be used to mark the following items:

Vehicles: Please note that this is a specialist fitting and is not available for direct sale and can only be fitted by a qualified fitting centre. The dots are also different from the asset dots so it's not recommended to use the asset dots for vehicles.
Household and personal assets: bicycles, television sets, personal computers, laptops. paintings, cell phones and anything else that you consider valuable.
Small and large businesses: high value items that is prone to theft such as tools, tyres, bearings, office equipment and larger assets such as boats, trailers and vehicles.

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Tracking Subscriptions

Image Subscription Type Price
Basic Subscription
Basic Subscription first year R0.00
Limited Fleet Management Subscription
Limited Fleet Management Subscription R300.00
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription
360 Days Fleet Management Subscription R1,300.00
Cell phone tracking application licence key
Licence for tracking app for Nokia phones R520.00

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